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Routine wear of the steering axle eye can cause loose kingpins. Ordering a new axle can cost hundreds of dollars and weeks of downtime. Now you can save time and money with Axle Doctors® steering axle sleeve system.


We bore and sleeve the steering axle on the truck within hours.


Our sleeves are precision-machined from seamless aircraft steel tubing for strength. Thinner than typical machine shop sleeves, Axle Doctors® sleeves require less boring of the axle eye, keeping more of the original axle intact.


The patented Axle Doctors® sleeving system is designed for accuracy of boring angle, centering and size. The process restores your original inclination angle, a factor in reducing tire wear. Remachining the worn thrust bearing surface restores the original spec. An improperly bored axle will increase your alignment costs.

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We're here for you any time!

No matter what kind of truck you drive, our certified axle repair technicians cover you anywhere in the state of Texas. The emergency technicians at Axle Surgeon Of DFW (North Central Texas) are available to help you handle your emergency axle breakdown situation 7 days a week.

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